Best Seller Gaming Headset SADES SA-807 Reality Checkup

SADES SA-807 is really great for gaming.It gives you good quality sound with the help of 40mm speakers which give you crisp high and thundering low sound you get these headphones at a low price plus you also get high sensitivity microphone which gives you good quality chat.Its battery can run more than 30+ hours without any problem and in standby mode, you get 200 hours.SADES SA-807 is lightweight which makes it really comfortable you also get adjustable headband so it fit perfectly.It works with most of the devices such as PC, PS4, and Xbox etc.

Overall Rating

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 Let's Check out Its Main Features

  1.40mm speakers for good sound quality.
  2.30+hours battery backup
  3.Lightweight only 11 ounce
  5.Work with latest plus old models

  1.Good sound quality
  2.Light weight
  5.Long battery life

  1.Little static sometimes when the cord turns.

These Headphones Are For:
  1.people who love to play games for long hours

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Overall, The headphones are really great for gaming purpose they are asking is also fair you will get value for your money.

Lets how its owners think:

Sharlene Walker,
  Didn't think i would love it as much as i do, at first a bit low for the ps4 but when the shooting starts you forget about it.....Get this asap, you will be happy you did....

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