BOAT rockerz 400 wireless Bluetooth headphones Review Props And Cons

Well, BOAT rockerz 400 wireless Bluetooth headphones are on the ear headphones.Which makes it suitable for mostly every work.It gives you high-end sound clearly with super bass.It also got a built-in microphone so you never have to use your phone.BOAT Rockerz 400 wireless headphones give you really a high-quality sound experience with superior bass.It got a range of 10m so you can listen to music in from any corner of your room.BOAT Rockerz 400 wireless also got a 250mAH Li-polymer battery with a charge time of 2 hours after that it will give you a battery backup of 8 hours you also get stand by of 100 hours.Its weight only 110g  which means it is easy to carry.Well, it is also foldable which makes it more compact.It is compatible with mobile, laptop and tablet which means you can it with any device you want.Its price is only 1,989 RS.

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Overall Rating

Lets See Its Benefits:-
 1.Bluetooth Wireless
 2.Compatible With Many Devices
 3.Deep Bass
 5.Easy To Carry
 6.Good Range
 7.8 Hours Battery Backup
 8.Light Weight
 9.Noise Cancellation

 1.Good Bass
 2.Good Battery Life
 3.Good Noise cancellation
 4.Light Weight

 1.Minor Static Problems

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Overall the product is really great you cant find such a great product as such a great price

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Lets See How Its Owenrs Thinking

Girish Fedram,
Super Duper.... Really Rocking...
Superr Bass(u can feel vibrations.. when u play bass boosted songs :D )
Super Battery.
Perfect Fits.
Ultra light Weight.
Noise Cancellation good.
You might feel tight on ears...But after 2-3 days..Its perfect.
Mic working good.. Next person thinks ur little bit away from ur phone.(not an issue)
Cushions can be better..but can compromise at this price. :P

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