Esstional Points To Remeber Before Buying JBJ Solo S460 Review

Well, JBJ solo s460 is really awesome.It is an over the ear headphones with inline remote.It is sweet and water proof which means it does not get any damage from water.JBJ Bluetooth Solo S460 is foldable which makes it is highly compact and easy to carry.It also gives you deep bass which enhances your experience.JBJ Bluetooth Solo S460 also give you noise cancellation feature to block outside sound and give you a better experience.It is designed for mostly every device such as-smart phone, laptop, apple, and pc etc.JBJ Bluetooth Solo S460 give you inline control which helps you to control everything from your headphones such as volume, call pickup or cancel.

Overall Rating

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Let's check out Its Benefit:-

 1.Compact and easy to carry
 2.Suitable for many devices
 3.Sweet and water proof
 4.Deep bass
 5.Good sound quality
 6.Memory card slot
 7.Built-in FM Radio
 8.Wireless headphones
 9.Noise cancellation

  1.Noise cancellation
  2.Lots of basses
  1.Not good for FM radio
  2.Minor Bluetooth problems

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Overall, The price they are asking for the product is fair.You can't find such a great product at this price.

Let's see what it's owners thinking

 Piyush S,
    Nice with even the beats log on right Hand side give you the impression. 30000rs headset

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