How good is Astro A50 wireles headset

Well, It gives you high-end quality in everything.It completes hardcore gamers demands.Its sound is really great and it comes without any wire so you does not have to care about that.It has 5GHZ wireless transmitter which gives you clear,low-latency voice communication.It gives you a battery backup of more than 15+ hours and it charging is really simple and fast.Hear everything from all angles with Dolby headphone 7.1 surrounds and it also optimises you chat levels and game sounds with the built-in Mixamp technology.for even more, flexibilty, the optional A50 kit allows users to swap out the headband and ear cushions for improved noise cancellation which give also provide you superior comfort.They also give you ASTRO command center software which helps you to enhance flexibility and control beyond default mix setting.The A50 has three new EQ presets{ASTRO, Pro, Studio}, which can be accessed via the headset for fast and easy selection.user can also independently adjust input and output levels including sidestone and noise gate.profile can then be saved, updated and shared.
Overall Rating

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Let's check out its main features:-

 1.5GHZ wireless technology
 2.Dolby headphone 7.1 surround
 3.PC compatibility and support
 4.Precision microphone with flip
 5.Mod kit
 6.good battery life
 7.wireless charging

 1.Very comfortable
 2.MIke is crystal clear
 3.good battery life

 1.Audio gets sometimes cut

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These headphones are for those people:
 1.Who play games and want high-quality experience

Overall, The product is really good it works too good without any problem.It is lightweight and very comfortable.It's worth every penny that you gave.

Lets what its owners think:

 These headphones will feel like a pain when you first get them, but once you have it all figured out you will love them.

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