Want Buy Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB650BT.Read This Essential Article

Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB650BT are basically awesome they are wireless with battery backup of 30 hours.they also added some new features such as Bass Boster technology.These headphones provide a tight seal for superior isolation and tight bass response.Its innovative extra bass technology delivers deep and punchy bass.It's light and compact with a weight of only 522g.It is built of a metal headband with a soft cushion for long lasting comfort.These soft cushion ear pads provide a largely tight seal for direct bass transmission.

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Overall Rating

Let`s Check out its features:

  • Lithium ion battery which gives 30 hours backup

  • Soft cushion for ears

  • Bluetooth wireless

  • Only 522g weight

  • Extra added depth to give you better bass and sound isolation

  • Airtight seal for bass transmission

The Good
  • Good battery life
  • quality sound
The Bad
  • Some times you can get connection problem

These headphones are for:
  1.People who work for long hours.
  2.People who want high-quality sounds and Bass.

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Well, the price they are charging for these headphones is right, you will find no better headphones.Sure there are better ones out there, but you will pay a lot more for a just slight increase in capabilities.

Let me show you what current owners have to say about it.

Shibin Dev

For all those people who say sound is just ok, please be enlightened that this headphone has aptX (Qualcomm's Bluetooth HD audio codec). So phones like OnePlus 3, 3T, 5 and high end phones from Sony and Samsung too have this codec. The sound output which you get from headphone when connected from these devices is phenomenal. All my office colleagues are mesmerised after listening from this beauty.

I tested this headphone with my friend's iPod and there also the sound quality was amazing. So, please don't criticize this beautiful headphone just because your device is not supported with aptX codec or having older Bluetooth version.

If you have the right device, then you surely will understand the difference. I tested the sound quality of the headphone with Redmi Note 4, Moto G4 Plus, iPhone 7 and OnePlus 5.

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