Want To Listen Music During Playing Sport Then This Headphones Are For You.Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB50BS In-Ear Active Sports Wireless Headphones Review

When you play a sport you need many things but one thing which is essential for every sport is motivation.Which may go up and down but no anymore because researchers have proved that listing songs can boost your motivation which is very good but the problem is that you can't wear those over-ear headphones or any in-ear headphones why because they are not built for That work so they cannot give you the flexibility you need.They don`t have enough battery life and the problems cause by sweet.so how Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB50BS In-Ear Active Sports Wireless Headphones help you.
They are Bluetooth wireless which they don't have any wires.Which means you get more room for movement.

Overall Rating

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Let`s check out its main feature
  • They have splash-proof design

  • 12mm drivers powers

  • High-quality audio without wires

  • 8.5 hours battery life

  • Headband for free movement

  • 222g Weight

  • Extra Bass

The Good
  • Very comfortable
  • Wireless
  • Good battery life
The Bad
  • Little hardware issues

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These headphones are for:
 1.People who want to listen to music during his workout.
 2.People who play Outdoor sports

Overall the price for the product is perfect.If you are playing any kind of outdoor sport I highly recommend you to buy it from the link below

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Let's see how the current owners saying:-

Piyush S.

It's a wonderful piece of gear ...it feels like it's been created for me myself...I feel Sony has completely personalized it just for me..I'm loving it ...thanks to Sony ...I feel music is my best buddy wherever I go ...it feels amazing to go around with these ...my bae ...Sony Wireless earphones ??

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