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Hello, Guys today I am going to tell you about BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Cushioned Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling - B76.I will tell you everything you need to know about them.In this review, we are going to cover:-
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BOHM B76 Overview
BÖHM's powerful headphones allow you to truly experience and enjoy crisp, vibrant, rich textured sound and powerful bass. Escape the every day with your favorite tunes and audiobooks anytime, anywhere. Equipped with the latest active noise cancellation technology with ambient noise reduction, BÖHM's B76 headphones will give you endless hours of focused comfortable listening.Powerful Headphones Let You Enjoy Music, TV, Movies & Games with Rich, Textured Sound & Extra Bass.Connect to iPhone, iPad, Smart TV & More Via Advanced Bluetooth V4.0; Generous 10 Meter Distance (You may also connect via the included AUX Cable).Cushioned Foam Ear Pads Cup Entire Ear for Up to 16 Hours of Comfortable, Relaxed Listening.Built-In Volume Control Offers Hands-Free Convenience; Effective Active Noise Cancelling for Up to 8 Hours.Attractive Sports Headset with Foldable Design is Great for the Gym, Jogging, Cycling & Long Car Travel


Effective Noise-Cancelling 
BÖHM has incorporated the most advanced active and passive noise canceling technology in its headphones. Flip a switch on these truly active noise canceling headphones, drown out your surroundings and immerse yourself in your music without distractions, wherever you may be.

Hands-On Control 
Stay in control with the tap of a finger. Featuring a power/multifunction button, volume and playback control buttons, a USB charging port, Bluetooth indicator, and noise canceling button and indicator incorporated seamlessly into your B76 headset.

World Class Battery 
Advanced battery efficiency technology means you’ll enjoy up to 16 hours of play time and 8 hours of noise canceling on a lightning-fast 2-hour charge.

Premium Build
The BÖHM premium experience starts before you put your headphones on. The B76’s sturdy construction, soft leather, and brushed metal finish will indulge all your senses, from your eyes to your fingertips.

Comfortable & Luxurious Fit
Cushioned ear pads wrap around your ears and adjustable headband rests softly so you can keep the world out and the music in. Enjoy up to 16 hours of fatigue-free comfortable listening that won’t strain or tire your ears.

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BÖHM's light and compact design are easy to take with you on the go. And with a folding design and included carry case, the B76 will go from being your favorite traveling companion to your neatest item in storage.

Other Features And Specification

Bluetooth Solution: CSR8635
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Support Agreement: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Operating Distance: 10 Meter
Battery: 320mA
Charging Time: About 2 Hours
Play time: Up to 16 Hours (50% Volume)
ANC Working Time: Up to 8 Hours (50% Volume)
Noise Reduction Performance: up to 20dB
Driver Unit: 40mm
Impedance: ANC_OFF-80; ANC_ON-110

Good And Bad

 Excellent product design. Forget plastic! Only faux leather padding and aluminum here folks. They look sleek and feel of quality while in the hands and on your head. The sweetest looking cans I've ever owned.
- Great bass (without overwhelming bass) and solid mid-range response. Excellent sound detail (almost on par with my studio monitor phones I use for sound recordings) and plenty of volume for most folks. A decently-balanced and loud sound for a variety of genres. See the exception in "Other considerations".
- Enhanced bass boost/response while active noise-cancellation is activated. Purists may shun the coloration of the sound, but the phones boost the lower frequencies whilst the noise cancellation is turned on. Excellent for listening to rap/hip-hop/electronic music casually.
- Generally comfortable and a good fit. They feel heavy in the hands, and you would expect too much heft on your head. But putting them on my head, I was surprised that they didn't feel too heavy at all, even after some time with them on. It needs saying that I am used to having big 'ol studio monitors on for long duration when recording and mixing music, so perhaps your mileage will vary here depending on what kind of phones you are used to wearing. The ear padding is super soft and outright luxurious. Well done.
- Great sound isolation with the around-the-ear design of these phones. Plus, the active noise cancellation can help to further suppress the lower frequency, ambient sounds in the environment if needed.
- Pairing was flawless and the Bluetooth range is as good as you would expect. Battery life seems solid.
- Low-cost for the feature set. Even lower-end Bluetooth phones can cost $40-$50 in Best Buy stores.
- The product comes with a nice case to carry and protect your investment.

- The headband has very little padding, and this can be a little uncomfortable on the top of the head over prolonged use.
- The active noise-cancellation feature needs more refinement. When on, a low hiss is audible once the music volume is turned down below 10% or so. Not noticeable with music at typical playback volumes.

People Who Must Have Are:
People who want listen music quitely
People who travel a lot
People who work in late night
Teenagers who want focus on their study

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Overall Rating:

Overall, The product is really good you cannot find such a great product at this price.If you like it buy it from the given link below

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Let's See What Other Buyers Thinking:

Kay R,

i am not going to write a novel about a pair of headphones these are comfortable,look great,come with a nice case, and sound great.

Only used it twice in week since I got it. I can say it is a nice sturdy build with soft leather.


Question: does this include the bluetooth pairing transmitter?
Answer: Hello.
If you mean can the Bohm Headphones connect to devices via Bluetooth, then yes they can.
If you are asking if they come with a Pairing Transmitter to attach to devices so that they can become Bluetooth Connectable, then no these Headphones do not come with a separate Bluetooth Pairing Transmitter.
Thank you

Question: how is the bass? is the noise cancelling feature good?
Answer: Every answer given here is subjective to the ear of the person answering. The only true measure would be to play pink noise and look at the audio curve. A flat "curve" would be optimal. With that said I now give my subjective answer. Note that I was a MECP mobile install tech with a specialty in sound quality. These head phones do an amazing job of blocking exterior noise, noise canceling and music delivery. Great, comfortable, high quality sound.

Question: Do they require batteries?
Answer: They do not need batteries. The headphones must be charged but they last me the entire day from when I leave in the morning to when I come back at night.

Question: Do they come with a case ?
Answer: Hello.
Yes, the Bohm B76 Headphones do come with a Hard Case in which the Headphones can be folded and stored away in.
Thank you

Question: Is this product android compatible?
Answer: Hello.
Yes, the Bohm B76 Headphones are compatible with Android, IOS and most any other device with Bluetooth Capability.
Thank you

Question: Are they good for the gym?
Answer: I think they would be good for an average size man, but not for a petite woman

Question: Does it connect with the pc or laptopes?
Answer: It comes with wire cord and Bluetooth connectivity.

Question: can i use these to answer calls? Does it have microphone.
Answer: Yes...there is microphone. Works great for phone calls.

Question: Do you think you could run on a treadmill or workout on an elliptical while wearing them?
Answer: Yes

Question: Are the earpads durable or replaceable
Answer: The Earpads are very durable! I wipe them with a sanitizer wipe after every use while at the gym..So far I am extremely happy with my purchase!! Great sound and covers my whole ear...I will be buying another pair soon! Just to have!!!! I hope this helped...

Question: Is this a legitimate BÖHM product? I can't find this anywhere on their website, but I can find all of their other products. Seems suspicious.
Answer: It's definitely made by BOHM.

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