Don't Buy iball Glint-bt06 Headset With Mic Until You Read This Review

Hi, Guys today I am going to review iball glint-bt06 headset with mic.In this iball glint-bt06 headset with mic review, we are going to cover:-

  • iball glint-bt06 headset with mic Overview
  • Design
  • Features
  • Good(pros) and Bad(cons)
  • People Who Must Have It
  • Conclusion
  • What Other Buyers Thinking
  • Questions And Answers

iball glint-bt06 headset with mic Overview
iBall Glint BT06 is Bluetooth Headset comes in contemporary design, with big and soft ear-cups, which supports FM and Micro-SD playback also, making it a complete personal music gadget. It has foldable arms which can adjust cup heights. The headset delivers excellent balance of lows and highs, and smooth sound that strives for accuracy and vibrancy. It has easy connectivity without any distortion to Laptops, mobile phones, MP3 Players and more- allowing the users to carry Wireless (Bluetooth technology and even through Micro SD card) or Wired 3.5mm plug-in AUX input to get started with the Glint BT06. The headset also allows users to juggle between calls and music using onboard music controls on the ear shell.

The sound quality of these headphones is also good.It has 40mm drivers which ensure you that you will get really good sound quality with its noise cancellation feature you can focus on what you are listening for example:-If you playing a game and outside noise disturb you then there is too much chance that you will lose but with these headphones your mind will stay focused and the chances that you will win the level become higher.Its design is over the head which means you will get a comfortable fit without any problem.These headphones also have a really good level of bass which makes your music listening experience to a whole new level.Its soft-leather ear cups let you listen to music for long hours.which is really needed at the time of playing or listening to your favorite songs it gives you good comfort.It has wireless Bluetooth connection available so you just have to activate Bluetooth of the device then just simply connect it to headphones.Its battery work for up to 5 hours the rechargeable time of its battery is 3 hours with a standby time of 24 hours.if the battery gets low you can make these wireless headphones into wired headphones and be listening song or play games as long as you want.These headphones have in built-mic and in-line controls so you don't have to ever take out your phone to pick up a call or cancel it with its in-line controls you can control volume.Its wireless connectivity is 10m so you can easily move around your room without losing connectivity.These headphones use V2.1+EDR Bluetooth version which transfers your music pretty easily.Its design makes it foldable which makes it easy to carry anywhere you want at any time.It's really lightweight so it feels very comfortable over your ears.

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  • Wireless/Wired headphones
  • 40mm Drivers
  • Deep Bass
  • Soft Leather Cushions
  • Only 3 hours battery charge
  • Built-in Mic

Good(pros) And Bad(cons)


  • Good sound quality
  • High-Quality Bass
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Lightweight
  • Fm radio/Sd Card supported


  • Wired mode have some time show static

People Who Must Have It:-

  • People who love to play games.
  • People who love to listen to music for long hours.
  • People who want good quality music.

Overall Rating

Overall, The iball glint-bt06 headset with mic is really good it gives you whole new experience in music listening and if you are a gamer then I highly recommend you to buy it.

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Let See What Other Buyers Thinking:-

akn murthy,
Very very good product .bass and stereo blue tooth FM playing .SD card supported

Ayush Sharma,

Mann Yadav,
Superb worth for money

Lokesh Bhardwaj,
Just osm....
Very good sound quality and support with any mobile trust me it is very good

Rahul Singh,
Really nice product.....l love it

This is one of cheapest but setisfactory headphones.

Rohit Singh,
Very nice product

Sanjay Singh,
This is good product and good quality & sound quality very nice.

Ambuj Kumar,
This i ball headphone better for ears and bass is powerful and better sound

Atul Rana,
wovv what a baas 
feels like a dj mix 
thanks flipkart 
frnd this is waiting for u grap it ...

Question And Answers

Q:does it has led lights on outer sides
A:Yes it does. The lights glow only when you use it in Bluetooth mode. The colors change depending on your device volume.

Q:light will look very cheap can its off ?
A:when you use it in Bluetooth mode it wont but when you use it with AUX cable the lights are off, but trust me the lights might look cheap in the pic but it looks really cool in real.

Q:does it support SD Card? one of the answer say
A:Yes it does.

Q:What is its battery backup
A:extremely well

Q:Does the headset have inbuilt FM?
A:I tried to use FM but not searching any radio channel.

Q:does it connect n work with audio cable ?

Q:with Bluetooth connection
A:yes, it is.

Question: Is sd card supported
Answer: Yes 

Question: How many years warrenty??
Answer: 1 year 

Question: Is a bass qlty very good ? Pls reply me .
Answer: Boss it's best in this price .

Question: Can we expect inbox items like charger & aux cable other than manual with this product?
Answer: No only charging cable is available 

Question: Is it pairing to iphone 5s Bluetooth????
Answer: yes its getting paird with i phone 

Question: Would it perform if battery dies?
Answer: I dont know. But the product is made of inferior plastics. 

Question: Does it works in aux when battery dies?
Answer: Yess .. 

Question: no warranty details provided in product description
Answer: 1 Year From the iball. 

Question: is it compatible with iphone?
Answer: yes, it works with all 3.5mm Jack 

Question: I dnt want to start the led lights .is it possible?
Answer: yes 

Question: How many hours does the battery stands?
Answer: 5 Hours; 

Question: Can we connect with redmi note 4 mobile
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can i return if not supported by my mobile
Answer: If your mobile has Bluetooth and a 3.5 mm jack then this headset should be compatible with your mobile. To answer your question, I don't think you can return the product as it is mentioned in the warranty and return condition that, "incompatible or not useful for the intended purpose" reason is not covered for the return of product

Question: Is it pairing to vivo y31 via bluetooth
Answer: Yes.. All Bluetooth devices connected.. U can buy.. It's amazing performance 

Question: How do we know it is fully charged
Answer: Led turns green. 

Question: is this item support calls
Answer: yes 

Question: How does this work - bluetooth or corded?
Answer: Bluetooth 

Question: how to use fm on this headphone and i try but fail to connect
Answer: press that m button once den autometically fm will on.... 

Question: Sir i want to purchase this prodect bt you tell me what functions include in this.. and can i use memory card and FM radio work in this headphone.
Answer: I yet not used FM radio in this device but it has a microSD card slot and working for me. 

Question: My tv is not blutooth enabled. It has usb port . So how can i connect it my tv??
Answer: not posiible 

Question: how can i connet it via bluetooth to my computer...i've tried via connecting it by iball bluetooth dongle but failed..plz can u explain d proper way
Answer: Set bluetooth on in both computer and headphone. On the computer scan for bluetooth devices. Iball glint will show up. Connect to it. Hope this helps 

Question: how long do we put on charging?
Answer: 2 3 hrs 

Question: What does it include in box
Answer: Charging Cable , Manual, 

Question: how to pair this with tv is nobel skiodo has blouthooth dont know how to connect...please describe..
Answer: first pair your product with tv , then only it will play 

Question: can it connect with tv?
Answer: with aux cable or if tv has bluetooth features 

Question: How to know battery is low
Answer: Battery status will show in your phone near the phone battery icon. Also, when the battery is low it notifies you 15 minutes in advance. 

Question: How is the mic in this ? Does it pick up too much Noise ?
Answer: It's ok. Not that great.? 

Question: While using aux will it use battery
Answer: yes 

Question: Is it pairing to Letv2??
Answer: Actually i dont know... but taking about bluethoot connection its fine to all my mobile and even to laptop 

Question: Can i connect with Android?
Answer: connect android yes 

Question: how much time to take getting full charge this headsets?
Answer: 2 to 3 hours 

Question: Can the led lights be switched off in the wireless mode ... Say while using bluetooth..?
Answer: Yes you can turn off this light during bluetooth connection.just press the M button for 2 seconds it will turn off and vice versa 

Question: What about the warranty of the product
Answer: it is with One Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defects 

Question: Is it compatible with pc?
Answer: It will connect all Bluetooth Devices. 

Question: does it supports yuphoria5010A
Answer: yes 

Question: Can i pair this with my ps4
Answer: Yes. 

Question: it is pairing samsung j7
Answer: Yes it is connect all Bluetooth phone 

Question: Is it pairing with samsung galaxy j5??
Answer: If your mobile have Bluetooth 

Question: Does this product contain any type of warrany or garranty on product
Answer: It has warranty if you get damaged one.
It is best in this price .BYE IT really good one 

Question: Can i connect with my PS3 ?
Answer: It can connect with any Bluetooth enabled device. 

Question: Can we answer to phone calls
Answer: Yes 

Question: Not good headphone. not able to fix sd data card. no option for swith off led light. charging time is very long. fm not working.
Answer: Sorry for not satsfying it needs ; for FM I need to go out the places where FM signals are strong there u set the Channal first and than use ; for charging Chang ur charging adapter and use 2amp charger for fast charging 

Question: Does it have changable ear pads?
Answer: No its not 

Question: it have to call
Answer: yes with inbuilt mic 

Question: Can we speak on the mic in the wired mode ?? i.e when the headphone is connected via aux cable
Answer: yes 

Question: can it be compared with senhiser hd 202ii in sound clearity,as to which one is better?
Answer: I know the performance of iBall Glint-BT06 is superb performance and with LED Light and enjoy the FM also with this Device. 

Question: whats does renge cover it?
Answer: 10,-12 meters 

Question: kindly update for warranty
Answer: it is with one year warranty 

Question: which bluetoothversion in this headphones?
Answer: V2.1+EDR 

Question: Hows the battery life ???
Answer: good 

Question: Which one is better, iball pulse bt4 or glint Gt-06 ?
Answer: BT06 is latest and more powerfully than BT4 

Question: same led lights on both cups
Answer: yes rahul both side led 

Question: Does it have a great bass to buy
Answer: Yes bass is quite good 

Question: what samsung galaxy j7 supported this bluetuth
Answer: Yes. All Bluetooth mobiles are supported. 

Question: Do you provide charger with this headphone?
Answer: it has usb charger cable 

Question: What is the charging and playback time?
Answer: The Charging Time of this device is About 3 Hrs., and Playback time is Up to 4 Hrs. 

Question: do not have bluetooth connectivity to my pc what can i do to connect it to my pc?
Answer: yes 

Question: How to insert the memory card Because It's Getting Ejected?
Answer: You have to push memory card till it gets settle 

Question: how much is it's battery capacity
Answer: 4 hrs 

Question: How much is the memory storage capacity?
Answer: no storage capacity there 

Question: How much meters it can cover in bluethooth?
Answer: 10 meters 

Question: Does it have built in fm radio? can i connect to fm without using bluetooth or aux with phone in any respect?
Answer: yes fm radio hai 

Question: Does it have bluetooth
Answer: yes 

Question: If some how battries dead can it replace ?
Answer: yes it can be easily replaced by visiting a service centre of i ball 

Question: Does this headphones work on aux with no battery left
Answer: No 

Question: Is it pairing to redmi note prime
Answer: Yes 

Question: this headsets charging indicators not glowing continuesly why ? fm channels also not showing ?
Answer: Pls call to iBall Customer care 186030042255, they will help u, 

Question: Is it flexible?????? If some one has it then pls tell me dis is better or iball musi tap plssss
Answer: Both are good, but glint is better 

Question: Can we call from it
Answer: Yes. 

Question: How many month warenty
Answer: Yes. 

Question: How much time to take for changing ? And how to know if battery fully charged?
Answer: it takes aprox 2 hours for charging..and. there is an indicator that turns green when fully charged 

Question: how to use fm
Answer: Use the FM Button given in device. 

Question: Does it works in Aux when the battery dies?
Answer: Yes 

Question: will it work on vivo y55 Via Bluetooth
Answer: It will work with any device having Bluetooth. 

Question: Is there any difference in rs1300 and rs1375 iball glint headphones?
Answer: Greetings
yes Glint is over head phone with bluetooth connectivity for call and song

Question: Is this work with samsung smarttv full hd led tv. ?
Answer: But I am using Philips Bluetooth speaker with my tv and its working, very well. 

Question: Does the earcup of the headphone fold ?
Answer: No 

Question: Can i connect with oppo a57
Answer: yes you can...

Question: What is the size of ear cups
Answer: It fits to ear 

Question: is the microphone works on laptop or desktop for google hangout, skype? (pulse bt4, beats b9's microphone dosen't work on laptop desktop)
Answer: Yes is this work microphone

Question: Can it be paired with MI max
Answer: Yes. 

Question: Is this aptx low latency enabled? i want to use it for tv.
Answer: YES 

Question: Does it runs with the help of Aux when battery die?
Answer: No 

Question: 1. It have micro SDCard slot ?
Answer: yes 

Question: Is it heavy on the head or not?
Answer: not heavy on head but little heavy on the ears 

Question: Is it noise cancelling
Answer: Yes. 

Question: Same day delivery for the above product
Answer: its depend upon where u located 

Question: can it connect with gionee s6s
Answer: yes... 

Question: how to charge it??
Answer: you can with your mobile charger u get cable in box 

Question: Warranty is there 1 year or Not There
Answer: 1 year waranty 

Question: Is it compitable with lenovo k4 note?
Answer: yes 

Question: Can led lights be switched off? means if i don't want led to glow can it be turned off ?
Answer: Yes you can, but you have to use the aux (wired) mode then.

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