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Everyone loves to play games and the sound of the music gives you a whole new level of experience but the loud noise they make problem for your parents, Kids and loved ones and distract them from whatever they are doing now you need a solution for this problem and hopefully we have Kotion Each Cosmic Byte GS410 Headset which can solve this problem.These headphones got everything you need.In this review, we are going to cover:-

  • Kotion Each Cosmic Byte GS410 Headset Review
  • Features
  • Good(Pros) And Bad(Cons)
  • People Who Need It
  • Conclusion
  • What Other Buyers Thinking
  • Questions And Answers

Kotion Each Cosmic Byte GS410 Headset Review
Kotion Each Cosmic Byte GS410 Headset have over the head design and these headphones are also adjustable which makes it a perfect fit for your ears.It got soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad which make it more comfortable for you and you can play games for hours without any problem.It goes 40mm drivers which give you very good sound quality and deep bass which give you a whole new level of experience with these headphones you can listen every sound of the game from the moving of a player to destroying an enemy vehicle or enemy team.It got an inline remote so you don't have to open volume option to control it another good feature which is an inbuilt and flexible microphone.the sensitivity of the microphone is good and you cannot talk to any person and they will hear them clearly.These headphones are comfortable with mostly every device which has 3.5mm jack for sound and mic.
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  • 40mm Drivers
  • Adjustable Headset
  • Inline Remote
  • InBuilt Mic
  • Over The Head
  • Soft Cushion

Good(Pros) And Bad(Cons)

1. the headphones have a decent bass
2. High-quality voice output
3. Durable build
4. Appealing design
5. Decent Mic
6. Padding at it best gives u a lot of
7. The high sound that is both crystals
Clear and precise helps u pick up most
low voices while gaming

1. Leaks a lot of sounds so the guy
sitting next to u will get a glimpse of
ur up to
2. A Bit heavy I would say though it
doesn't matter as the padding is
Up to the mark

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People Who Need It:-
  • People who love to play games
  • People who want to listen to music for long hours

Overall Rating

Overall, The product is really good and work without any problem for hours.I really liked it and also highly recommend you to buy if you like to play games on a budget.

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Let See What Other Buyer Thinking

Rishbh Soni,
One of the best gaming headset under 1k fantastic audio profile and good level of comfort must buy

Sandeep Pani,
Value for money!It was an awesome experience having a trial with this product. The bass is really very high. The sound is very much perfect, and very comfortable as well. My experience was superb, I would reccomend you to go for it. The only thing is that , I thought it would have LEDs but this model doesn't have. But still an awesome experience.

Gopakumar G S,
Excellent product. Good for Gaming and other uses.Produces every details of the sound including the bass Perfectly.
Good value for money and truly professional. I would suggest it to all my friends. Available at the best price of rupees 800.

Sonu Singh,
Awesome quality
Sounds and footstep sound awesome..when some one coming in left side left side speaker more louder then right side speaker..same as right side..must buy for online gaming..ok if u want to talk but cant possible on pc..because its have only one jack 3.5 u must buy HEADPHONE PC ADAPTER from shopclues..over all V V G00D product..hope my review will help u..thank u

Booby Mathew,
Though a tad bit plasticky, the product quality and appearance are good enough. The picture looks awesome, but in reality some plastic might not be that great, but OK. I didn't like the narrow padding quality- it's a bit painful on the head, but OK with the ears. I don't think children will find it comfortable, but older people will like it's loud sound. Sound quality is just about good enough, so I'm satisfied having the product for 699. I mean just 699? Yeah, that's the only reason it got 5 stars! Recommended for youths because you can show-off. Recommended for elder people because you can hear it loud. Not recommended for children and women. It's bulky and masculine in feel.

Questions And Answers

Question: can i use it for ps4??
Answer: Really can I use for ps4 ??

Question: Can i use it for ps4
Answer: Yes you can

Question: what is the Length of wire
Answer: Actually I didn't measure it but it is so long that create problem for me to use it with laptop

Question: does mic work with ps4??
Answer: Headphone are little bit ok..... . But ear buds having problem to ichting.. So improve that little otherwise it's ok

Question: Are you sure it will work perfectly with ps4?
Answer: Yes it works

Question: Can i use it for my asus zenfone max?
Answer: I have no idea

Question: Can we use this for cortana in xbox 1??
Answer: yes you can fact i do use

Question: Use this headphone my android phone....?
Answer: Yes it can use for android. Enjoy the beats of clear sound

Question: does it work Android phone vivo
Answer: Yes it will as this has single 3.5mm Audio jack

Question: Can i use it with my lenovo laptop
Answer: Yes you can it.

Question: can we use it on Samsung galaxy grand neo plus and j7
Answer: Yes you can

Question: Is it sound proff ?
Answer: Yes it reduces lot of outside noise due to its design

Question: Can we use it for any android device?
Answer: Any Android, ios device that has a 3.5 mm jack. In short, YES.

Question: Is the sound of mic clear
Answer: Yeah it's fine but mic is little far from our mouth Better u buy that mic can be ajust near to your mouth

Question: How is the mic quality ?
Answer: I liked it's really good!!!

Question: its support zenfone selfe and a311 mictomax??? and it carry good base
Answer: Yes it does. Sound quality will depend on input quality. It has a good bass driver unit.

Question: is it metal?
Answer: No its plastic

Question: Does these need any kind of splitter?
Answer: It has single jack and is directly compatible with gaming console

Question: Does this have a some sort of seperate small mic button on the wire? As my phone doesn't support headphones with mic buttons. So... Anyone?
Answer: There is an mic on and off button on the headphone wire.

Question: Can i use it for guitar amplifier
Answer: You can use it with any 3.5 mm audio device

Question: Can we use it on Samsung Galaxy j2 6
Answer: Yes

Question: Does it have a mic
Answer: Yes.and good mic

Question: is it good for music ??
Answer: Yes it is

Question: can i use for i ball 3g tab
Answer: Yes

Question: Does the mic work on moblies?
Answer: Yes it does

Question: can supported smartphones?
Answer: Excellent

Question: can i use it with samsung s3 neo
Answer: Yes

Question: Are there any glowing lights on it?
Answer: No this is without LED. Check GS400 model for LED lights

Question: Does it work on computer
Answer: Yeah it works

Question: Can is use for pc
Answer: Yes

I hope you like this review

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