How Good Is Ailihen I35 Must Read This Review

Well, Guys Ailihen I35 are basically amazing they have everything you want from a headset.In todays review i am going to tell you about its

  • Ailihen I35 Overview
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Features
  • Good And Bad
  • People Who Must Have It
  • Conclusion
  • What Other Buyer`s Think

Ailihen I35 Overview

This headphones have erogonomic design makeit comfortable to wear,with excellent noise-cancelling function.Folding design make it convenient to carry.The folding part have been tested for over 20000 times.The 360 degree pickup microphone make it have high-definition voice calls Compatiable with all Android phones, IOS, winphone and Blackberry system phones. End/Answer phone calls, Pause/Play music, support with switch of previous/next songs.The use of protein genuine leather earmuff, make it comfortable for long time wearing



Its performance is also really good.Its high-quality sound will give you a whole new experince.It really worth the money you spend on it.Its 40mm drivers works well, They produce high-quality sound.It work with almost every device without any problem.


Its erogonmic design will make it really comfortable for your ears.You can wear it for hours without any problem.Its leatherette cushions and padded headband make it more comfortable.It also have foldable design as well as it is light weight which make it compact and easy to carry.




Hook up the tangle free, braided-nylon cord equipped with an in-line mic for taking calls, firing up your tunes, pausing them and controlling the tracks on your mix. The straight jack rocks with all devices and cases. And the compact, adjustable headband fits growing kids and teens.


The smooth-sliding adjustments and feather-light build are ready to hit the road. The plush circular ear cups fold up in the palm of your hand so you can bring them wherever life takes you, on or off tour .

Adjustable To Fit

Adjustable headband fits growing kids and teens.

In-Line Mic

Firing up your tunes, pausing them and controlling the tracks on your mix.

Durable and Foldable!

Easy folding for perfect travel and storage

On Ear Design

Soft plush headband and ear pads for comfortable listening experience

40mm Drivers

Deliver powerful audio

Sound Isolation

Blocks ambient noise to promote immersive listening

Board Compatible

Compatible with smartphones, laptops, PCs, CD players,Tablets and other 3.5mm jack devices.


Video Review:

Good And Bad


  • Perfect Fit
  • High-quality sound
  • Well Built
  • Not Too Much Expensive
  • Really Comfortable
  • Good Noise-Cancelling
  • Easy Controls


  • Minor Problem With Cord(Not effect your music experience)
  • Not Too Much Bass
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Type Of People Who Must Have It

  • People Who wants high-quality experience
  • People Who wants to gift it to their kids
  • People Who listen music for hours
  • People Who Travels
  • Really Good For Teenagers

Overall Rating



These headphones is really great without doubt.Well,There are better headphones in the market but you can`t get such a great headphones at this price.

I highly recommend you to buy it from here

What Other Buyers Think:-


My daughter is digging these over the ear, lightweight, foldable headphones. They have a fun range of colors and don't squeeze too tightly, which is a huge deal breaker for my 12yo. These are a great size for younger kids and tweens who are too old for big, babyish looking headphones.
These are soft and comfortable and have decent sound for the price. We tried them with Android Phones and iPhones and they worked fine, though my daughter rarely uses them on phone calls. She does play her phone music through them constantly. I was given a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own. Recommended.

Mark S,

They are very comfortable to wear and adjustable,The design is so stylish and made with high quality. Of course the sound quality is not as nice as those expensive ones but for its price, the quality is great!

Rahul K,

These flow on the ear headphones are a great product for the whole family,I used it with my phone and laptop, my teenage daughter use it with her phone and tablet, And the headphones feel comfortable, look nice, and have good sound quality. Worth the money !!


Question: will they pair with computer ?
Answer: Yes, I can listen to music on my computer with these headphones, plus I can do Skype calls. You just plug it into the audio jack.
They are comfortable and noise cancelling.

Question: Are the earphones compatible with an iphone 4s?
Answer: Yes

Question: Are the Headphones compatible with iTouches?
Answer: If this helps any, it worked fine with my iphone 6s

Question: Are they adjustable?
Answer: They are adjustable, but not more than an inch or an inch and a half on each side. I have a smallish head, they fit me perfectly on their smallest setting(which i don't often get from headphones); very large heads may be snug.

Question: Can these be used for a musical keyboard?
Answer: They only came with the 1/8 jack, but if the keyboard has the standard 1/4 jack any standard adapter will work just fine. It has about a 5ft cord so it should not get in the way when using with a keyboard. As for the quality of the sound - that should be no problem. Hope this is helpful.

Question: Can these be used with a television?
Answer:Yes,television and computer is ok too

Question: Will these properly fit a toddler?
Answer: Yes, I believe these would fit a toddler just fine. They are also adjustable.

Question: Are these headphones compatible with Kindle Fire Tablets??
Answer: Yes, you can know this because Amazon Silk is just a toned down version of Android.

Question: I'm only wondering whether it is a single-sided cord or are both earcups wired ?
Answer: It is single sided.

Question: Will these headphones fit on the ear?
Answer: it is really comfortable

Question: Will these plug in and fit in an iPod touch?
Answer: I use them with my iPhone so I would think they would work with your iPod touch

Question: can I use this headphone set on a cell phone hands free? does it have a built in mic?
Answer: yes

Question: Are the headphones compatible with s6 Android phones?
Answer: Yes It compatible with Android & IOS

Question: How long is the cable?
Answer: It is about 4'10"

Question: how much do there headphones weigh?
Answer: Not real heavy, they were better than I expected for the money!

Question: Are they compatible with the iPad mini
Answer: YES

Question: Do the have insurance or a warranty?
Answer: Come with a 1 yr. but you can usually purchase an extended one from vendor.

Question: Are these Noise cancelling?
Answer: When I use them to listen to music, etc I don't hear outside noise

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