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Hi, Guys toady i am going to review Betron GLD60.So today we are going to cover:-
  • Betron GLD60 Overview
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Features
  • Good(pros) And Bad(cons)
  • People Who Must Have It
  • Conclusion
  • What Others Buyers Thinking
  • Questions And Answers

Let Begin

Betron GLD60 Overview

High performance and lightweight headphone with lively sound and vivid bass.Works with smartphone, tablet, MP3, Computer, and other devices with 3.5 mm audio output.Fabric woven cable eliminates tangling and prolongs cable life.Supplied with a selection of silicone ear tips and fabric carry bag.3 button Volume Control and Microphone.Boost your sound with Betron s new GLD60 earphones which offer amazingly detailed sound reproduction and enhanced bass response. The in-ear design reduces ambient noise to a minimum, and the included set of ear-adapters guarantees an individualized fit with four sizes to choose from. These are the earphones you've been looking for.
(Well, these headphones work only with 3.5mm audio output jacks so make sure your smartphone have 3.5mm jack.)


This headphones have enhanced bass response.which give you a whole new level of music experince.These headphones are high in performance.Its sound is really great and with its enhanced bass it become totally superb.These headphones are light weight which make it easy to carry with you everywhere.Its sound quality is really high end its deatiled sound reproduction works really good.Its 10mm neodymium magnet provides outstanding audio clarity for all music genres.These headphones also have noise reduction system which minimzes the sound leakages significantly,letting you immerse fully in your favorite melodies.It also have in line controls with in-built microphone so you dont have to take out your headphones.


The in-ear design reduces ambient noise to a minimum, and the included set of ear-adapters guarantees an individualized fit with four sizes to choose from. These are the earphones you've been looking for.Optimized for the use with iOS devices the GLD60 features an in-line remote with an integrated mic, so you can take calls and listen to music with the push of a button. Amazing sound was never this convenient! Tailor-made to the exacting performance standards for optimized music playback and voice communication on Apple's digital devices.The GLD60 comes with 6 sets of silicone earbuds and a set of memory foam earbud to ensure optimum fit. Sit back and listen to your music in pure comfort now

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  • High-quality sound
  • High-quality bass
  • Good noise cancelling
  • Work with mostly every smartphone
  • Prolongs cable life without tangling problem
  • Silicon ear tips
  • Inline control
  • In built-microphone

Good(pros) And Bad(cons)


  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good quality bass
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Inline control


  • No major problem found till now

People who must have it:

  • People who travel a lot
  • People who want high-quality sound
  • People who love to listen music

Overall Rating

Overall, The product is really good it work really well you cannot find such a great product at this price.

I highly recommend you to buy it from here

Let see what other buyers think:-

M Clarke,
Superb value and excellent sound...

C bongiorno,
nice headphones

Nice comfortable head phones with clear listening, very nice fit into ears as well, seem to be a well made productv

I bought these for my husband and he is extremely pleased with them. In fact I have ordered another pair for myself. Excellent value for money. Thank you Betron.

Piyush S,
Very pleased with the product, bearing in mind the cost. The quality is excellent and well presented in a box and carry bag that can be retained to protect the earphones. I use it predominantly as an ear piece for making telephone / conference calls on my iphone and the sound is excellent. If you want ear phones that completely eradicate any outside noise you will probably need to purchase another product, however as far as noise reduction is concerned these are very good. The microphone is very senstive, which is great when you need to talk quietly,however can pick up noise close by.

Well worth the money and an attractive product.

Doreen Welford,
Perfect for my requirements and speedily delivered

Jacqui Saradjian,
These are first class earphones and give great reception as well as great experience when using as a 'hands-free' in the car. Been asked several times now if I am really driving as the sound is so good. The noise reduction capacity is also excellent given the price of these earphones. The company also sent them out really quickly. All in all an excellent product and well worth the money.

Question And Answers

Question: Are they noise cancelling?
Answer: Yes they are noise cancelling. They create an embarrassingly effective barrier between me and those trying to communicated with me.

Question: Will these work properly for LG G4 - including all the buttons?
Answer: Yes. Mine broke in a few months. Dodgy cable by plug so changed track constantly and confused google speech cutting out music. Hope that helps.

Question: Will the Samsung version work with Nexus? Many thanks
Answer: They will definitely work in terms of audio. However the volume control on the cable, can be used to skip track, but this only seems to work on Samsung products. Hope this helps.

Question: I am not seeing an inline volume control has the design changed?
Answer: I bought the set for Samsung and these do have an inline volume and control

Question: I currently use a samsung, though my upgrade will be to an i-phone 6 soon, If I bought the I-Phone 6 is the jack different for the headphones
Answer: Hi,
As far we are aware Iphone 6 use same jack so you should OK
Kind Regards

Question: Will it work with galaxy s6?
Answer: Works with my S7 edge so can't see why it wouldn't work with a S6.

Question: does this jack fit the ipad air 2
Answer: Best I am able to say is that there's an iPhone option. Contact Betron if possible.

Question: It says for samsung, can i use them with my huawei p8?
Answer: I have used them with my Nexus 5X and my friend uses them with here Apple iPhone so I think they should work with other smart phones. They have a lovely sound quality.

Question: Do they work with xbox one
Answer: If you have an adaptor they will

Question: With they work with an iPad Air ?
Answer: Yes

Question: how sensetive are the mics? is it clear?
Answer: Im very fussy with sound quality and base they are crystal clear the box comes with several different ear plug bits which actually give different sound so to speak i personally feel they one of the best ive ever used smart velvet pouch to

Question: Do they work with a ps4?
Answer: all i will say is look elsewhere for an alternative make of earphones

Question: My beats headphones broke and am looking at these. with the pause button pressed twice will in move to the next track with these headphone?
Answer: No. They don't. Also these are earphones not headphones so not in the same class.

Question: Hi, if anyone can tell me if they have a microphone as well since I couldn't find this information in the description. Thank you :)
Answer: Yes it has a microphone

Question: Does it work with other phones
Answer: It works with my Nexus 5.
Most android phones should be fine as they generally use the same type of headphone jack, this is different from the ones in Apple devices.

Question: Does it come with a case?
Answer: Yes but it is a fabric case.

Question: are these compatible with ipod nano 3rd gen?
Answer: it's works well with my ipod nano and MP3

Question: Is the mic quality good?
Answer: Yeah, it's pretty good, remember that it is a tiny mic. But as earphone mics go, they're definitely recommendable

Question: are these compatible with an amazon fire tablet??
Answer: Mostly, the inline controller works to pause and play and skip tracks back and forward but it did not control the volume.

Question: Do these work for an iPhone 6? I'm using the apple ones but with the volume on full the music is still not that loud and comes out tinny!
Answer: They work on the iPhone 6 with good volume and bass...

Question: Is there a volume control?
Answer: Yes there is but mine did not work so returned it

Question: and moving the cables around doesnt create sound in the headphones?
Answer: Yes it's does. When I fiddle with cable once it's plugged into a device there is a crackling noise which is really annoying. With my iPhone, these headphones also skip tracks, play them really fast and even activates Siri for some weird reason. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone.

Question: can i skip songs if i tap the middle button (samsung version)
Answer: Hi Dave
The button is actually to pause what you are listening to. At least that is what I have discovered. I don't know if it does anything else..

Question: Are they of a great quality, are they compatible with any phone and computer, is the wire strong, any problem in breakage?
Answer: The wire is extremely weak can rip easily. Only takes 3 weeks for quality to turn terrible. But the package is really strong though. I recommend leaving in the packaging for eternity.

Question: How long is the cable length?
Answer: I think it is approx 1 metre from the ear buds to the jack pin. My son says they are very good.

Question: Hi. They are compatible with sony xperia m5 as well?
Answer: Yes as long as it has a standard headphone jack

Question: Is the headset CTIA or OMTP standard?
Answer: Jordan, it works with my iphone so i believe it is CTIA standard. Usually the only difference between CTIA standard headphones (used by nokia, HTC and sony) is the microphone connector point on the sleeve end, with the signalling connector on the second ring where as iphone uses same connector but non standard microphone and controlling method. This is my opinion but you can ask the same question to the seller, they might answer you more precisely.

Question: do the controller buttons work with an iphone 6?
Answer: Yes they do!

Question: My headphones stopped working after like 5 days.. is there any chance they can be replaced?
Answer: Contact amazon customer service

Question: Do these work with iPod Shuffle where volume control is used for navigating playlist?
Answer: these are a good pair of in-ear headphones. There are no extras for controlling volume. The ipod shuffle will still need to be used to adjust volume, navigate through tracks to be played, etc.

Question: do they work with sony phones?
Answer: Works with smartphone, tablet, MP3, Computer, and other devices with 3.5 mm audio output. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Note and working perfectly with this

Question: How do you fit the other earbuds? When I take off the ones it was fitted with none of the others will fit on?
Answer: I could only fit the sponge noise cancelling ones on. The others wouldn't fit on. I returned them.

Question: is it compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones?
Answer: Hi, I have a Galaxy S6 and S7 phone and it works better than the original headphones supplied with the handset....go for it!

Question: Will they work with an Xbox controller?
Answer: Hi, I do not have an XBOX controller to test this with. However if the xbox remote has a 3.5mm headphone jack? I would presume that this would work with the remote.

Question: I have an s7 and earphone volume is low are there good for volume?
Answer: I have low volume on my Nexus five too I think it's a safety feature these earphones don't really boost the volume as far as I can tell but they are very comfy.

Question: Whats the difference between samsung one and gwhats the difference between samsung one and gld60 version? (ild60 version? (i have samsung smartphone)
Answer: I am not sure what you're asking?

Question: are they handsfree
Answer: Yeah they should work

Question: hello c(= would they work with sony?
Answer: Yes they work with a Sony mobile

Question: Are these headphones good for running?
Answer: No

Question: Why can't I get the microphone function to work with skype? I ran the microphone setup wizard 4 times, but each time it fails to hear my words:(
Answer: It's a dreadful product is why mate. I bought a set of these on Black Friday as they were £11 reduced from £40. The sound quality was dreadful and 3 weeks later the connection to whatever device was misfiring. Kept skipping/restarting/stopping tracks whenever it was knocked. So I sent them back and got a refund.

Question: Hello people,anyone know if the controls will all work when plugged in2 a android smartphone...cheers?
Answer: Hi..Yep.Currently working perfectly with my s5

Question: Anyone receive these with none of the buds in their slots? Opened mine and everything was scattered everywhere. Gave me a second-hand feeling.
Answer: No problem with mine, everything was packed nicely

Question: i want to use with my iphone 6s plus but im seeing that people are saying that the controls on it for example to skip tracks it only works on samsung?
Answer: I have an iPhone 6 and the control only seems to work for volume, play/pause functions.

Question: Is it loud
Answer: Yes sound quality is second to non highly recommend these to any1
They are the Badgers Nadgers

Question: Can you buy earbuds
Answer: The Betron GLD60 Noise Isolatin earphones comes with 6 different pairs, different sizes of ear buds not included the one already fitted to the earphone, so in all you get 7 different sizes ear buds.

Question: Are these comfortable to wear ?
Answer: Yes they are. Very lightweight

Question: Will the controls work with my iPhone 5?
Answer: No idea do not have any i-phones

Question: hi, do they work with samsung note 3?
Answer: Yes it does definitely worth money

Question: Is there a microphone to speak through
Answer: Yes, it's in the cable. See my other comment about these being very noisy headphones. Anything touches the fabric cable you hear it, so if it brushes on your shirt, you hear the rumble so you have to sit very still. Beautiful packaging too - I wonder if the box cost more than the earphones.

Question: Do they include a mic so I can use on Skype calls?
Answer: Yes, they have a mic! Good quality headphones for the money

Question: Does the inline volume control and microphone come with the standard (not samsung) set?
Answer: one without inline remote and one with samsung depending on which you choose. I bought the inline remote iPhone-version but doesn't seem to be there anymore

Question: I'm using a iPhone 5s. Will these skip/replay songs if I double tap or triple tap the button?
Answer: Hi Andrew yes they do but very tempramental only worked now and then

Question: Is it ok for Iphone 6?
Answer: Yes they work perfectly on the iPhone 6. Best headphones inc apple that I've used

Question: Do they work with iphone 7?
Answer: They are a 3.5mm jack so if the phone doesn't have a headphone jack it won't work, unless you have a headphone jack to lightning cable dongle you could use it then and it'll work

Question: could someone please inform me whats the difference between GLD60 version or the headphone for samsung for this in ear bud?
Answer: Hi! I used GLD60 few month and the differences between headphone (original) Samsung and GLD60, there are: for GLD60, The textil cover is more resistant to shocks; bass sounds better when you listen music, pleasant design, black + metal ornament, the start / pause / fw button is located between vol + and vol - . Best regards!

Question: Can I use these for listening to the tv
Answer: Actually I haven't use them into tv but it's very good for mobile I like it

Question: Will the volume controls work with HTC m8?
Answer: yes, works perfectly with my Nexus phone, so I assume it's the same with any Android phone.

Question: What is the weight of the betron gld60 (excluding packaging)?
Answer: Many thanks for your answer! I wanted to compare them to some other Betron ones which weigh 12 grams. I was wondering how many grams lighter the GLD60 are? I want to use them for running so have concerns the heavier ones might fall out (if there is much of a difference in weight...).

Question: any feedback when cables move? last long?
Answer: Yeah, the wires are decent and are like a rope material meaning they can take a hell of a lot. They don't wear away and if you keep them in the bag they come with, they'll last even longer. I've had mine for a while and they are still going strong (Touch wood) good sound quality too which is always the bonus ;)

Question: they seem really good, can they be used with an ipod?
Answer: Yes they are compatible with iPods.

Question: Do they work with a Nokia Lumia 930? Specially the volume buttons and answer call
Answer: They work fine with both iPhone and Samsung so I don't see why not

Question: Does it really matter if you get the IPhone one and then like use it for a Samsung?
Answer: Not sure. But I would not buy this if you need something that works longer than 2 weeks..

Question: Does it have a microphone for iPhone?
Answer: Not sure if it has a built in mic or uses the phone mic I was able to make and receive calls okay.
The sound is tinny and volume not very good. My Blackberry earphones are much better.

Question: Can you skip tracks/ play pause music using the controller? Is there any cable noise? Thanks
Answer: Yeah to both on iPhone! Double tap the middle button to skip track and the volume buttons are the top and bottom

Question: does it work on all androids or just samsung sony xperia for example?
Answer: My headphones no longer work properly....I would buy a different product. Just not worth the money.

Question: volume control
Answer: Hi the product up until recently has been superb, brilliant pair of headphones, unfortunately the right earphone is no longer working(not sure why) if at all possible i would like for the product to be replaced with a fully functional pair as i think they are brilliant and would like to use them again.
Thank you

Question: i want to use with my iphone 6s plus but im seeing that people are saying that the controls on it for example to skip tracks it only works on samsung?
Answer: There are no controls, the gold thing you see in the pic is presumably there for show. It's just a hollow cylinder is does nothing.
Please don't expect too much from this item, as the price speaks for itself.

Question: Why does it sat "1 year limited warranty"? I have seen some reviews that say they stop working When the Betron DNZ500 Earphones say "1 year warranty"?
Answer: It's one year warranty. I got problems and they always helped me and arranged a replacement.
I guess limited means that the limit is 12 months.

Question: Will they plug into any laptop?Thanks.
Answer: They will.

Question: how long is the lead in total?
Answer: A meter-ish, maybe less. They're long enough to reach the desktop computers at my uni library, but not too long that they drown you when listening to music on the go. They're a comfortable length. Only down side is when you use only one side, the other in-ear weighs it down causing them to fall out :)

I hope you like like this betron gld60 review

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